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What COVID-19 Exposed About Remote Work

“For years we were told that these jobs couldn’t be done remotely... They laughed in my face when I [previously] asked for accommodations to work at home one day a week to relieve the symptoms of my chronic physical and mental illnesses. But now it’s feasible?”

Remote Work Post-Pandemic: 6 Topics Beyond the Repetitive

The concept of the 5-day, 40-hour work week dates back to car manufacturing in the early 20th century. To say it’s out of date is a serious understatement.

5 Ways to Make Global Team Members Feel Like Equals

Your Nepali employees are working til midnight while American employees get to work standard hours. Or your British team members receive a year of maternity leave while American parents are not guaranteed any time off at all. Sound familiar?

Why & How I Self-Published The Remote Work Era

A lot went into the process of writing and publishing The Remote Work Era, and I’ve received a lot of questions from curious friends and aspiring authors along the way. So I thought I’d share how and why I went about self-publishing and outline the overall process here.

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